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FANKForces Armées Nationales Khmères (Cambodia, Khmer National Armed Forces)
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Conclusion: Giant hydronephrosis may be detected at an advanced age with nonspecific complaints such as wasting distention and fank pain.
Sobre este tema, Ricardo Fank explica que una vez recibido el tabaco, era depositado en pilones cuyo tamano variaba segun la cantidad total que se iba a acopiar, en la base se colocaba la clase inferior de tabaco.
MANCHESTER CITY want to keep Chelsea's departing director of football Fank Arnesen in England.
Quality labels range currently includes: Basler, Rabe, Kirsten, Fank Walder, Lofts, Dents, Passigatti, plus, many, many more.
Although Lon Nol and Sirik Matak orchestrated a successful coup d'etat against Norodom Sihanouk in March 1970, (80) the Lon Nol regime had little involvement with border affairs between Cambodia and Laos, as just a month after the coup the northeast was abandoned by the Forces Armees Nationales Khmeres (FANK), (81) at the recommendation of the US government.
Didnut see eny wun from the horrybil noospaypers ther fank godd so mee sekrit is sayfe.
Fank. Bast and other plant fibres.- UK: The Textile Institute, 2005, p.27-341.
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According to the London based Elaph, head of the Algerian association 'Al Fank Al Thahabi,' Hamrawi Habib Shawqi, said the concert is part of the awards ceremony held for Al Fank Al Thahbi television.