FANMFanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami (Haitian Women of Miami)
FANMFast Ambient Noise Model
FANMFlorida Association of Naturopathic Medicine
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Legal experts and human rights advocates at the FANM forum agreed that, as the six-month period unfolds, Haitian TPS beneficiaries should seek options in case there is no new extension.
All of the women presented with the spirit of fanm vanyan or the strong Haitian woman.
SOFA, Haiti Solidarite Fanm Ayisyen (local coordination of Lascahobas)
* fanm saj (sages-femmes), elles prodiguent les soins perinataux et postnataux.
Kay Fanm is currently conducting an awareness campaign focusing on the need for women to protect themselves.
groups, such as GHESKIO, KAY FANM, KOFAVIV, SOFA and URAMEL, the
"Fanm Se Poto Mitan: Haitian Women, the Pillar of Society." Feminist Review 59:118-142.
Vana Edmond, thirty, is a member of Fanm Kouraj, a group of young women activists from the island of La Gonave, located some thirty miles northwest of the mainland, across the Bay of Port-au-Prince.
Marleine Bastien, director of the Haitian Women's Organization (FANM), stopped the caravan at the INS Center for a 15-minute lashing of the policies that have kept Haitian immigrants imprisoned for years.
Martha Jean-Claude; mwen se fanm de peyi = femme de deux iles.
(21.) Spero, one of the main characters of Les Derniers Rois mages (45) after a memorahle night with his wild white mistress, Tamara, "ne trouvait que des mots creoles pour exprimer l'infini contentement de son corps: -Mi mal fanm, mi!" ("What a woman, what a woman!").