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FANNYFriends Against Noisy New York
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My mother's name is Aurelia Randall; our names are Hannah Lucy Randall, Rebecca Rowena Randall, John Halifax Randall, Jenny Lind Randall, Marquis Randall, Fanny Ellsler Randall, and Miranda Randall.
If I was the President, I 'd make a law to shut up all boys till they were grown; for they certainly are the most provoking toads in the world," said Fanny, as she watched the slouchy figure of her brother strolling down the street.
And Polly nodded at him in the most friendly manner, having politely refrained from calling the hair "red," the nose "a pug," and the cap "old," all of which facts Fanny had carefully impressed upon her memory.
As soon as he had done it, he remembered that Fanny considered them vulgar, and felt that he had disgraced his family.
said Fanny, sitting on the side of the bed in Polly's room, and chattering hard, while she examined everything her friend had on.
He can't bear girls," said Fanny, with a superior air.
replied Fanny, wishing Polly would wear ear-rings, as every one else did.
said Fanny, doing as the rest did; 'what were you going to say?
Since you told me a lady had given you the bracelet you showed me, Fanny, I have not been quite easy on your account, and indeed want to know a little more if you will confide more to me.
Stop a moment, Amy, and let them get away before us,' whispered Fanny.
When they were alone, something was rolled up or by other means got out of the way, and there was a great empty well before them, looking down into the depths of which Fanny said, 'Now, uncle
I am interested, Fanny, and concerned in anything that concerns you.