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FANOFlorida Association of Nonprofit Organizations
FANOFinance Authority of New Orleans (Louisiana; New Orleans City Council public trust; est. 1978)
FANOFinancial Analysts of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
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Both Green Sisters and Josh Fano were able to set up their businesses by taking a place on the Birmingham Skills for Enterprise and Employability Network (BSEEN) programme, of which Aston University is lead partner.
Let X be a smooth projective toric d-fold, and suppose that there exists a Fano contraction [[phi].
Fano also shared that Novozymes has activities within bio-pharma ingredients where e.
In particular, a simplicial, terminal, and reflexive polytope with at least 3d - 2 vertices is necessarily smooth Fano.
It should be emphasized here the design of the circular gold disk embedding a shifted and rotated elongated cavity is distinguished from previously developed ring-like structures by two novel characteristics: (i) Two distinct Fano resonances are generated in the extinction CS spectrum and this is achieved using only one layer of metal without the need for a metallic multi-layered shell.
A would-be seamstress teetering on the brink of prostitution, Fano agrees to model for de Lempicka.
Since the Fano plane is linear, this counting lemma is applicable.
where [OMEGA] is the dimensionless frequency defined by the central frequency and the width of the autoionizing state, and q is the Fano asymmetry parameter, a ratio of the transition probabilities to the mixed state and to the continuum [2], which describes the degree of asymmetry.
The ballistic spin-resolved shot noise and consequently Fano factor in Aharonov-Casher semiconducting ring is investigated in the present paper.
Parte de los materiales de estos niveles ha sido ya estudiada y otros analisis se encuentran aun en curso (Costamagno y Fano, 2005; Fano, 2005a, b; Fano et al.
During his career, Komarnitski has won many national and international prizes, including: Grand Prix 2009 Bulgaria, Citation for Excellence--Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award (2007), Promotion Prize - DONGA-LG, Eorea (2007), Third prize - Solin, Croatia (2005), Second Prize - Golden Keg 2005, Presov, Slovakia (2005), Third Prize - Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award (2004), First Prize - Fano Italy (1996), Fifth Prize - Taejon Korea (1996), Grand Prize - Bjelovar Croatia (1994), Honourable Mentions - Trento Italy, Tokyo Japan, Istanbul Turkey, Tolentino Italy, Prize of the Jury - Kiev, Ukraine and others.