FANRFederal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (United Arab Emirates)
FANRFood, Agriculture and Natural Resources (Harare, Zimbabwe)
FANRFlorida Association for Nude Recreation (AANR region)
FANRForestry and Natural Resources (University of Georgia; Athens, GA)
FANRFaculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources (various universities)
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The CHT verifies that welds, joints, pipes and components of the reactor coolant system and associated high-pressure systems are in line with the regulations of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR).
The senior management provided the board with updates to key FANR activities, including the status of its review of the application for an operating license for units 1 and 2 of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, which is now under construction in the western region of Abu Dhabi.
A senior official of FANR said training staff who assess material transfers will enforce strict global agreements that call for only peaceful nuclear equipment and materials to be transferred across borders.
Besides FANR officials, representatives from Ministry of Health, National Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, Dubai Health Authority and Zayed Military Hospital attended the workshop.
The 2020 Operational Plan blueprint details key activities supporting the FANR's mission to regulate the nuclear industry in the UAE.
"In 2017, the FANR announced its five-year strategic goals to ensure the peaceful, safe and secure use of nuclear energy and radiation sources as well as the sustainability of the UAE's regulatory infrastructure.
"The nuclear reactor is almost technically ready," Christer Viktorsson, Director General, FANR told a media briefing.
The event, which saw attendees receive briefings from FANR experts, was held as part of a regular series of awareness sessions that are being conducted this year.
ENEC's teams worked together with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and FANR across the complex testing process.
Abu Dhabi - The UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) released a draft nuclear safety regulatory guide on Sunday and invited the public to review it and submit their feedback.
FANR newly drafted Regulatory Guide 027 on 'Near Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste', clarifies the regulatory requirements of FANR-REG-27 related to the radioactive waste and its classifications.
FANR's flagship Developer Engineers Programme plays an indispensable role in building the Emirati cadre who will shoulder an important responsibility in the sector.