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FANTOMFunctional Annotation of the Mammalian Genome (research consortium)
FANTOMFundamental and Applied Nuclear and Atomic Physics
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After being quizzed by detectives Mr Fantom - who suffers from bipolar disorder - became agitated and tried to smash his head on cell walls at Solihull police station.
When her younger brother Vajid Ali turned up he wanted to know who Mr Fantom was.
stress But he was released when it was found Mr Fantom died of heart disease worsened by an adrenaline rush brought on by the stress of the feud.
Mr Fantom suffered head injuries during an assault at his home yesterday morning and died soon after in hospital.
30am police and paramedics were called to the home of Mr Fantom, who had suffered head injuries.
In total, eight new games will be made available including ones based on the Big Brother and FearFactor television programmes, as well as others called Fantom Overdrive, Fraxxon, Breakthru, 180 Darts, Resistance and Wonderland.
Together they have to save the world from the evils of monstrous baddie, The Fantom.
The idea being that these figures and their legendary powers will battle the terror of a madman called The Fantom who wants to take over the world - don't they all?
By creating matching colors in multiple resins, Clariant Masterbatches helped Fantom Technologies launch its new Calypso Microbiological Water Processor with an air of distinction.
Mehmedinovic remained in Sarajevo with his family during the Serbian siege of the city, actively working for the resistance as editor of the magazine Fantom Slobode (Phantom of Liberty) and writer and director (with Benjamin Filipovic) of one of the first films produced in Bosnia during the war, Mizaldo or the End of Theater.