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To be held on Sunday are various activities such as Creators stage, FanX Panel, Pinoy Pop Culture awarding, and Toycon Cosplay contest and awarding.
Some of the more bizarrely titled tracks here are The Further Adventures Of Mad Alan, Fanx Ta Ra, Flingus' Holiday and Clumbidextrous.
Salt Lake City, UT, April 11, 2014 --( Arrowstorm Entertainment ( have announced that they will be offering a special screening of their recently completed film “Survivor,” at this year's FanX Comic Con in Salt Lake City (April 17-19).
The announcement to screen the film on April 19th with the majority of the cast and crew present comes as Arrowstorm continues post-production and promotion on another fantasy series, “Mythica.” It too will make an appearance at FanX, hosting a panel during the middle of the convention to announce the series and answer questions about the story thus far.
Arrowstorm no doubt hopes their own films with Sorbo will discover similar appeal from their sci-fi/fantasy audiences (to which Sorbo is no stranger) at the FanX convention.
At least three independent genetic loci are associated with seed linolenic acid levels, with mutant alleles identified at fan, fan2, fan3, and fanx (Fehr et al., 1992; Rahman and Takagi, 1997; Ross et al., 2000; Wilcox and Cavins, 1987).
Thus, these genes make excellent candidates to associate with the fan2, fan3, and fanx loci.
Salt Lake City, UT, March 24, 2014 --( Arrowstorm Entertainment ( has just completed five months of production on a sprawling new fantasy series titled “Mythica.” The announcement comes as Arrowstorm prepares a wide promotional push for the series, including upcoming appearances at various conventions such as Salt Lake City's FanX this April.
Fan2 was found in A23 (Fehr et al., 1992); fanx in KL-8 (Rahman and Takagi, 1997); and [fanx.sup.a] in M-24 (Rahman et al., 1998).
The allele in KL-8 was temporarily designated as fanx (KL-8) because its relationship to the fan2 allele was unknown.
Since the M-24 was developed independently from M-5 and KL-8, it was considered that this mutant might have a different genetic system controlling linolenic acid than the fan (M-5) and fanx (KL-8) alleles.