FAOCFirst American Oil Company
FAOCFEMA Alternate Operations Center
FAOCFrequency Agile Output Converter
FAOCFallen Angels of Chaos (gaming clan)
FAOCFirst Army Operation Center
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The main difference between the proposed modified BTC algorithm and FAOC is in using the information about the mean value of the frame.
3.b) shows SQNR obtained by applying FAOC. On the other hand, Fig.
We can clearly see the gain in SQNR, when compared both to LOGPCM and to FAOC. In addition, we can observe the following.
The proposed modified BTC algorithm provides the gain in SQNR up to 8.6 dB when compared to LOGPCM, while it ranges up to 3.7 dB, when compared to FAOC, for smaller frame sizes.
The award of a Canadian FAOC to Gama Aviation Ltd, based in Farnborough, UK is part of its programme of ongoing investment in growing the range of products and services for its customers.