FAORFighter Area of Responsibility (air defense training)
FAORFirelands Association of Realtors (Ohio)
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1.45 Cheltenham Sporting (50:25:10) 22-25 Mon Parrain, 17-20 Faor Along, 15-18 Shakalakaboomboom, 9-12 Knockara Beau, Mostly Bob, 6-8 Swincombe Rock,.
Farmer was inspired by the Italian company Nuova Faor, which has been developing nitro racing bikes for more than ten years.
Wrth oedi ar Drwyn Grupyl, roedd cri'r bioden fAOr (Haematopus ostralegus) yn codi o'r traeth ac roedd criw ohonyn nhw ar fin y dwYar yn brysur hel eu bwyd wrth i'r llanw ddod i fewn.
The three dead in Ma'alot Tarshiha were Shnati Shnati, Amir Naim and Muhammed Faor, all of them age 18.
THE curtain is going up on summertime fun with opportunities faor youngsters to put on a show.
Combined with communications jamming, fighter escort, and sweep, most strike aircraft made it through or around the fighter-area-of-responsibility (FAOR) "danger zone" to the main target area, where more challenges were waiting for them.
Evidence shows that: (i) SSM has been successfully applied to ISDMs such as MULTIVIEW, FAOR and other methods through contributing systems ideas; (ii) the concepts of differentiable whole and complementary opposites have been successfully applied to ISD; (iii) the information theory-based measures have been widely applied to the phases of the software development life cycle (Shannon and Weaver, 1949; Cheung and Holden, 1993; Khoshgoftaar and Allen, 1994; Zhu, 1998, 2000).