FAPIFonds d'Aide à la Promotion de l'Invention et de l'Innovation (French: Assistance Fund for the Promotion of Invention and Innovation)
FAPIForeign Accrual Property Income (tax term)
FAPIFlorida Association of Private Investigators
FAPIFemto Application Platform Interface (industry software initiative)
FAPIFellow of the Australian Property Institute
FAPIFunctional Auditory Performance Indicators (auditory assessment)
FAPIFamily Application Programmer Interface
FAPIFederasi Asosiasi Perasuransian Indonesia (Indonesian: Federation of Indonesian Insurance Associations)
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Each panel presents the average proportion of correct responses for two word-picture pairs (beva and fapi on top; foba and piva, at the bottom).
CONAMUTRI and FAPI enumerated the various forms of violence to which the native peoples are subjected: deforestation of their natural habitat and territorial, cultural, and socioenvironmental plunder.
The situation deteriorated quickly, however, following the monetary reform of August 19, 1948, in mainland China, where the old "fapi" currency was replaced by the "gold yuan." On August 18, 1948, 1 taipi could be exchanged for 1635 fapi.
In 1998 the Brazilian government introduced an individual programmed retirement fund (FAPI or fundo de aposentadoria programada individual) to supplement the public pension for workers who do not have the other private pension options.
Valuation standards are established by the Australian Property Institute (API), which confers several real estate designations, including Provisional Associate (PAAPI), Graduate (GAPI), Technical Associate (TAAPI), Associate (AAPI), and Fellow (FAPI).
Thus, in practice, a large multinational corporation would typically focus its compliance efforts only on those controlled foreign affiliates whose activities generate foreign accrual property income ("FAPI") to the multinational and would compile only the relevant information needed to determine its income tax liability (i.e., it would compute only how much FAPI the particular controlled foreign affiliate generated for the year).
O estudo foi aprovado no Comite de Etica em Pesquisa com seres humanos da Faculdade de Saude, Ciencias Humanas e Tecnologicas do Piaui (NOVA FAPI), com o numero de CAAE 0059.0.043.000-09.
(a) PhD, Dentistry Course, Pindamonhangaba College (FAPI), Christian Life University Foundation, Pindamonhangaba, SP, Brazil.
Canadians that conduct business through controlled foreign affiliates must be alerted to the possibility that income earned by those affiliates may be considered foreign accrual property income (FAPI).