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FAPLAFédération des Associations de Protection du Lac d'Aiguebelette (French: Federation of Associations for the Protection of Lake Aiguebelette)
FAPLAForças Armadas Populares de Libertação de Angola (People's Armed Forces for Liberation of Angola)
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Her experience echoes that of others as an Angolan student who received technical knowledge pertinent to her profession as well as political training to form a loyal party cadre, all the while balancing the role of foreign student that was expected of her with her multiple roles as mother, wife and FAPLA employee.
Black Africa is tasting the heady wine of the possibility of realizing the dream of total liberation." (42) An interesting aspect of this example is how the victory is represented as unequivocally Cuban, with no mention whatsoever of the involvement of their Angolan FAPLA allies.
(43.) FAPLA was the MPLA's military wing during the anticolonial war, officially transitioning to become the Angolan national army when independence was declared by Agostinho Neto in Luanda on November 11, 1975.
These combined forces drove FAPLA back into the Luanda area.
The mercenaries made great use of mobile cannons and ground-to-ground missiles to batter FAPLA soldiers.
For example, in 1992 members of the FAPLA (the army) and MPLA vigilante groups, known as Ninjas, coalesced in Luanda in the wake of Savimbi's decision to reject the MPLA's election victory and return to war.
Dit se veel van die verdedigers van Angola insluitende FAPLA wat soms meer plasties gedink het op die gevegsveld al was hul verliese veel meer.
This dispersion of forces was also a solution to the unfavourable air situation that existed in 1987 as a result of FAPLA's superior air-defence system.
The SADF had insufficient logistical capabilities to operate on exterior lines of communication capable of threatening FAPLA's operational depth.
* Experimental phase, part 2--April 8: 12,135 FAPLA troops and 820 FALA troops
FAPLA, the Angolan army, was not prepared for this massive invasion of over 11,000 troops with the most sophisticated artillery pieces available.