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FAPPFirdaus & Associates Property Professionals (Malaysia)
FAPPFor All Practical Purposes
FAPPFit and Proper Person
FAPPFeto-Acinar Pancreatic Protein
FAPPFederal Alternative Payment Program (child care)
FAPPFormative Assessment Pilot Project (various locations)
FAPPFederal Application Portability Profile
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John Bell pointed out that at some point the width is so narrow that for all practical purposes (FAPP) there is no relevant difference between it being just on the diagonal.
Survivors include a son, Richard of Eugene; a daughter, Carol Cheshire of Eugene; a brother, Daniel Fapp Jr.
"We developed FAPP to supply chickens and fertile eggs for research on Newcastle disease, avian influenza, and infectious bronchitis, which cause heavy losses in infected flocks."
An agreement on FAO-Azerbaijan Partnership Program(FAPP) was signedin May 2015 and a $ 10 million partnership framework was established for 2016-2020.
First, if we accept deoherence to classicality FAPP, then decoherence is entirely an acausal loss of phase information from the open quantum system to the universe.
With Sincro M machine, it is possible to produce FAPP low density packages (Fadis Precision Package) and hanks, which allow for wide retraction margins of the yarn during the dyeing phase, thus keeping a high residual elasticity percentage of the elasticized yarn.
Therefore the aim of this study was to illustrate first-time fathers' experiences of support from midwives in maternity clinics as a step in the validation of "The Father Perceived-Professional-Support" (The FaPPS) scale.
Thus, covalent modifications of lipids and lipoproteins generate several lipid end products such oxidized phospholipids (oxPLs), fatty acid peroxidation products (FAPPs), oxysterols, and F2-isoprostanes [21].