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FAQSFirm Access Query System
FAQSFriendly Alliance of Queers and Straights (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
FAQSFleming's Association of Queer Students (Fleming, Canada)
FAQSFIRST (Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-Centimeters) APM (Automated Plate Measuring Machine) QSO (Quasi-Stellar Object) Survey (astrophysics)
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Queries raised during the awareness sessions held on SECP AML/CFT Regulations, 2018, and implementation guidelines as well as discussions held with participants and investors in securities sector, NBFCs and insurance sector have been answered through these FAQs.
AFS' safety attorney, Brad Hammock, has developed a summary of the key interpretations from the FAQs, available at https://bit.ly/2B49nIg.
Another FAQ: How does a company identify covered defense information under a contract?
Through the additional FAQs, SECP clarifies that foreign directors can attend the general meeting through video-conferencing.
On Friday, DOL released a 17-page FAQ that included 35 questions and answers related mainly to advisors, covering the various provisions of the rule that "draw lines between fiduciary and non-fiduciary communications," the FAQ states.
On a question whether a person can declare undisclosed income which has been acquired from money earned through corruption, the FAQ said "No".
The earlier version of FAQs focused more on blogs and social media.
The initiative has started with answers to FAQs about children's and adult's eye care, spectacle frames and lenses.
The website has a new FAQ page about real estate options, a technique considered to be a low risk and high leverage way to make money as a real estate investor.