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According to Qingshang Yue ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] a kind of entertainment music), Xuanzong created Faqu during the Tang Dynasty.
Liyuan had a substantial impact on Faqu during the Tang Dynasty.
Besides Faqu, Liyuan also played songs and dances which were written about in Bai Juyi's ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 772-846) poem "Jiangnan Yu Tianbao Yuesou" (in the south of China, I met an old musical who had played in the palace during the Tianbao Period [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), "An old man with white hair cried and said that he joined Liyuan before the An Shi Rebellion, and always accompanied Xuanzong in Huaqing Chi ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] a famous hot spring during the Xuanzong Period, also known as Wenquan Palace) because he could play both Pipa and Faqu" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (288) .