FAR DEEPFennoscandia Arctic Russia-Drilling Early Earth Project (International Continental Scientific Drilling Program)
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Khurshid Shah said if India can violate Pakistani airspace, we also have the capability to hit far deep inside India.
Had I not known I was reading social insights about us-Americans-I'd have easily thought these behavioral quirks are by some communities far deep in the Congolese jungle.
It should not have been allowed to cut that far deep into the woods; it was a mistake."
"If the election are going to be based on the Sudan 5th population census result, surely the Lakes state is poor in census because during the census house-to-house count, the census staff numerators did not go to the villages, they indeed faced various challenges like banning of the census form in Rumbek North (Maper) County and rain that prevented numerators from going far deep; also insecurity was high in Lakes state." (ST)
Think in terms of B-17s flying from East Anglia and Foggia in Italy and striking targets so far deep into the Third Reich that they had to continue into Russia.
And boss Sir Bobby Robson said: ``Every striker needs balls into the box coming in at good angles from not too far deep -where it favours the defender -but further up the pitch.''
Reaching that far deep presents some unique challenges in keeping the work environment cool with a surface refrigeration plant, but also in finding ways to produce ore at $35 per tonne.
'Let's go Henman,' the New Yorkers chanted with a quaint accompanying clap, although inevitably one portly, middle-aged man dressed in suit and tie took partisanship a stage too far deep into the fourth set when he insisted on barracking Krajicek at intrusive moments.
In an era, where electricity, gas, health, education etc are deemed the basic requirements of a simple living, Balochs are spending lives far deep in mountains unaware of the outer world of luxuries.
Raising public awareness should be made to resonate loudly and as far deep into the communities as possible.
(Happy 84th Birthday Kenny, a daily thought a silent tear, the constant wish that you were here, on this your special day we won't be far apart for all the love I feel for you far deep here in my heart.
Only at night, in the stillness, low and plain You can hear the far deep rumor of sea on stone.