FARAPFinancial Accountability Review and Action Plan
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The chairman of Turkmenenergo mentioned that 220-kilovolt Serdar-Farap, Farap-Watan and Atamyrat-Pelvert power transmission lines were developed and 220-kilovolt Watan, Farap and Parakhat substations were reconstructed in order to enhance the electricity supply to clients and raise the electricity export.
500 kV Mary, 220 kV Watan and 220 kV Farap power stations have been rehabilitated.
The emergence of Amul, as well as four other ancient and medieval cities of Central Amu Darya -- Kalifa (Kelif), Zemm-Kerkuha (Kerki ), Navidaha (ruins Keshka Zuhra-Tahir in Burda-bast) and Firabra-Bityka (Farap), determined by the location in convenient crossing points of Ceyhun-Amu Darya.