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FARCFuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)
FARCFood and Agricultural Research Council (Mauritius)
FARCFuchu Amateur Radio Club (Tokyo, Japan)
FARCFeatured Article Removal Candidate (Wikimedia Foundation)
FARCFly Away Recompression Chamber
FARCFederal Archives & Records Center
FARCForged Alliance Riding Club
FARCFree Arab Radio Committee (Tunisia)
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"With sadness, we mention the candidate for the Liberal Party, it is confirmed that alias Mayinbu, who is the leader of a dissident group of the FARC ...
Marquez accused the government of betraying the hard fought accord under which most of the FARC's 7,000 fighters had laid down their weapons after half a century of armed conflict.
Fighters and Lovers, a Danish collective, had openly defied EU antiterror legislation by sending the proceeds of the sale of T-shirts, CDs, lighters, and perfumes (Figures 1 and 2)--approximately $5,000--to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and to the FARC. I interviewed one of the defendants, a young man in his mid-20s whom I will call Oscar, a few days before the ruling.
Although legal challenges have continued, and political and military hurdles remain, after 53 years, more than 220,000 casualties, and 7.6 million refugees, FARC is laying down its arms.
Farc's leadership has expelled the dissidents, after decades of using drug trafficking, kidnapping and extortion to fund its battle with the government.
Santos made a name for himself with a number of key military operations and freeing kidnapped politicians and American citizens held by the FARC. The military also launched a bombing raid on neighboring Ecuador to take out the FARC leaders who were hiding there.
As part of the peace talks, the Colombian government has ended aerial spraying of coca plantations, pulled back from offensive operations against the FARC's extensive drug-smuggling activities, defined FARC narcotrafficking operations as political crimes that could be covered in an amnesty, and pledged to cease extradition of FARC personnel sought in the United States.
The incident occurred on Monday afternoon, when the soldiers were traveling to Catatumbo municipality to strengthen offensive operations near the oil pipelines that were recently attacked by the FARC guerrillas.
"I have ordered the armed forces to lift the suspension of air strikes on Farc positions until further notice," President Juan Manuel Santos said on Wednesday.
"In order to start the de-escalation of the conflict, I have decided to order the minister of defence and armed forces commanders to stop bombing raids on FARC camps for a month," he added.