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The defect turned out to be the one already spoken of-- two stories in one, a farce and a tragedy.
As a matter of fact it was neither farce nor tragedy.
I told you last night on the road that it was a farce we were engaged in.
Congress and the Senate were empty pretences, farces.
In the Interludes the realism of the Moralities became still more pronounced, so that the typical Interlude is nothing more than a coarse farce, with no pretense at religious or ethical meaning.
Step out,' says one of the men; 'the theatre's close by, and we shall be just in time for the farce.
Well, there are times when one would like to hang the whole human race and finish the farce.
Sheer farce and coarse burlesque, with plenty of color for the money, still made up the sum of what the public of those days wanted.
I do not know why my delight in those tragedies did not send me to the volume of his plays, which was all the time in the bookcase at home, but I seem not to have thought of it, and rapt as I was in them I am not sure that they gave me greater pleasure, or seemed at all finer, than "Rollo," "The Wife," "The Stranger," "Barbarossa," "The Miser of Marseilles," and the rest of the melodramas, comedies, and farces which I saw at that time.
Though I cannot tell why it was exactly that those stage managers, the Fates, put me down for this shabby part of a whaling voyage, when others were set down for magnificent parts in high tragedies, and short and easy parts in genteel comedies, and jolly parts in farces --though I cannot tell why this was exactly; yet, now that I recall all the circumstances, I think I can see a little into the springs and motives which being cunningly presented to me under various disguises, induced me to set about performing the part I did, besides cajoling me into the delusion that it was a choice resulting from my own unbiased freewill and discriminating judgment.
French dramatist whose farces delighted Parisian audiences in the years before World War I and are still regularly performed.
Noises Off, incorporating the Nothing On farce within the farce, is on its first UK tour.