FARCOForo Argentino de Radios Comunitarias (Spanish: Argentine Community Radio Forum)
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FARCO's team of experts specialising in wall painting conservation will carefully remove the grey paint, while protecting and revealing the original artwork underneath.
Chris Bull, technical director at FARCO, said: "This is a hugely exciting restoration project.
The Farco is a 28-gauge shotgun powered by C[O.sub.2] that is bulk-filled into the gun's long reservoir.
It has been reported that some Philippine hunters used arrows that were tipped with dynamite torpedoes to kill animals as large as water buffalo with the Farco. I don't know how true those stories are, but I do know that the Farco was used successfully for bowfishing.
Nevertheless, that rich and intense process has been undermined by an apocalyptic discourse in which certain members of the opposition repeat what certain media reports say--that the law threatens public liberties," said Nestor Busso, president of the Federacion Argentina de Radios Comunitarias (FARCO), during a congressional hearing.
The full list is: Bop, Farco Rapid Kill, Shelltox Extra Fly Killer, Shelltox Fly Killer, Vapona Fly and Wasp Killer Spray, Vapona Fly Killer, Vapona Moth Killer, Vapona Professional Cockroach Killer, Vapona Small Space Fly Killer, Anopav Fly Killer, Betterware Flying Insect Killer, Betterware Slow Cassette, Betterware Small Space Insect Killer,
Aunque ella, como presidenta de FARCO, desarrolle el esfuerzo maximo, una empresa como la Expoarte y sus anexos es una compleja tarea colectiva de muchos individuos y muchas instituciones, a los que debio rendir respeto haciendo un balance general y pormenorizado de todos los aspectos de aquello que se ha proyectado como algo mas que una feria mercantil, que podria ser tal y no tendria nada de malo, pero que desde sus inicios pretendio ser otra cosa, y lo ha sido.