FARDCForces Armées de la République Démocratique du Congo
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Since Nkunda's arrest, the CNPD, who nearly took the town of Goma last year, have been incorporated into the Congolese army, the FARDC. In what appears to be a case of "if you can't beat them, join them", the former CNDP soldiers are now engaged with the government in the fight against the FDLR.
In North and South Kivu Provinces, armed groups and FARDC troops reportedly use threats and coercion to force men and children to mine for minerals.
Nduhungirehe said "we find it hypocritical for the international community to talk about protection of civilians when the FARDC, the Congolese forces, together with the FDLR are causing harm to our citizens, as if the lives of Rwandans have no value."
When such groups disarm and are integrated into the FARDC, CONADER identifies and separates out children and transports them to NGO-run centers for temporary housing and vocational training.
When such groups disarm and are integrated into FARDC, CONADER identifies and separates out children and transports them to camps for temporary housing and vocational training.
In May, FARDC arrested former Mundundu-40 Commander Biyoyo for unauthorized recruitment of soldiers, including minors.
"According to the latest information, about 100 people were killed during the mutiny by the FARDC soldiers at Katchanga.
Tal objetivo, segun se lee en varios articulos (20), establecido directamente por el gobierno de Kigali, ha sido en parte posible por varias acciones estrategicamente disenadas para permitir la incorporacion de las fuerzas irregulares del cndp en el ejercito congoleno o fardc, con el fin ultimo de que los nuevos cuadros militares continuen controlando las zonas estrategicas de la region oriental de la rdc.
Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC), of the DRC government, proceeded to seize the town, says Kneen, then went door-to-door "raping and pillaging." Between 70 to 100 civilians were killed including women and children.
It listed the Congolese army (FARDC), the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, the National Congress for the Defense of the People, pro-government Mai Mai groups, and the Lord's Resistance Army.
Armed groups and elements of the FARDC continued to benefit from the illegal exploitation of natural resources.
Following the Security Council briefing, Kobler addressed reporters and stressed the importance of strengthening joint operations between FARDC and MONUSCO against all armed groups.