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As one who long in populous City pent, Where Houses thick and Sewers annoy the Aire, Forth issuing on a Summers Morn, to breathe Among the pleasant Villages and Farmes Adjoynd, from each thing met conceaves delight, The smell of Grain, or tedded Grass, or Kine, Or Dairie, each rural sight, each rural sound; If chance with Nymphlike step fair Virgin pass, What pleasing seemd, for her now pleases more, She most, and in her look summs all Delight.
[38.] Piotrowski P.: Analiza statystyczna danych majacych wplyw na produkcje energii elektrycznej przez farme wiatrowa oraz przykladowe prognozy krotkoterminowe.
in the past, managers from Norway were written off as route-one merchants or eccentrics such as Egil Olsen - whose footwear at Wimbledon made him look more like a farme r than a gaffer.
ard are acutely he difficulties this olatility is causon't know how ownturn will last e aware that hunof UK dairy farme unlikely to find me for their milk spring."
Las dosis de radiacion fueron monitorizadas mediante un dosimetro universal UNIDOS" con camaras de ionizacion PTW Farme" TW 30010 (PTW-Freiburg, Freiburg, Alemania) en el interior de la cabina de irradiacion y las dosis de rayos X fueron confirmadas posteriormente mediante dosimetros de termoluminiscencia (TLD) (GR-200", Conqueror Electronics Technology Co.
and t up to "Co great in the that c "I a starts then farme take "If y and busin have previ on th "If job an always say that if someone at home smaking jams and chutneys they can sell them in the supermarket or ers market then suddenly they can on staff.
E se no me recordava de farme la Crose con la lengua, el m'arae tuto smaruzo.
Exhibits First the Mosaic Company Exhibits Merit DuPont Pioneer Premiums/Specialties directed First John Deere Financial Id farme's, growers, ranchers or others serving agribusiness Premiums/Speciallies directed Merit CHS to farmers, growers, ranchers or others serving agnbusiness Ccrporate identity First the Mosaic Company Corporate Identity Merit Ag United for South Dakota Overall PR Program-directed to First Titan Tire farmers, growers, ranchers or others serving aqnbusiness Overall PR Program-directed to Merit The Mosaic Company farmers, growers, ranchers or others serving agribusiness PR Proqram-lntemal-dlrected to First DuPont Pioneer stakeholders or employees Media Relations First Valley Queen Cheese Factory, Inc.
ould mean more p to 25% in pay-E wttw ACTIVE FARME What the WG w definition of "act links payment t activity - not t activities.
"A woman is noticed at all times, so it is essential for her to look beautiful," says Prathna Adnani, marketing director for Multiplex International, distributors and retailers of brands such as Prestige, Flormar, Corine de Farme, Maybelline and Max Factor.
Intr-un raport care analizeaza procesul de tranzisie de la scoala la piata muncii, intitulat Des emplois pour les jeunes, efectuat de catre OCDE, au fost identificate doua grupuri de tineri care intampina mari dificultasi pentru a se stabiliza pe piata muncii, dupa absolvirea unei farme de educasie: grupul tinerilor "ramasi pe dinafara pietei muncii" si grupul tinerilor "debutansi, dar cu o insersie neresusita" pe piata muncii.