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FARMSFoundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
FARMSFacilitating Agricultural Resource Management Systems (Florida)
FARMSForeign Agricultural Resource Management Service (est. 1987; Ontario, Canada)
FARMSFarmland Assessment and Report Management System (software)
FARMSFree and Reduced Meal Student (Maryland)
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Colonel Lloyd kept from three to four hundred slaves on his home plantation, and owned a large number more on the neighboring farms belonging to him.
The effort he had made to extend his land holdings had been suc- cessful and there were few farms in the valley that did not belong to him, but until David came he was a bitterly disappointed man.
"She's just one of the crew at the farm. People like that always assume things.
Sonoma Creek gave the long boundary to the little farm, two sides were worm fenced, and the fourth side was Wild Water.
He returned, and announced that the dairymaid was then at the farm. She had not been there for the last three days, and the housekeeper had given her leave to go home for an hour or two that evening.
The city itself was still a long way off, but all around it was a green meadow as pretty as a well-kept lawn, and in this were neither houses nor farms to spoil the beauty of the scene.
We saw more of our country neighbours now than when we lived on the farm. Our house was a convenient stopping-place for them.
Uncle Henry grew poorer every year, and the crops raised on the farm only bought food for the family.
before she had been five minutes at the farm, Hardyman's sister had fished for her, caught her, landed her.
He had a hard struggle to make his farm pay, to feed and clothe little Robert and his brothers and sisters, who were growing up fast about him.
Now he was glad to get away from the neighborhood of the Shtcherbatskys, and still more from his farm work, especially on a shooting expedition, which always in trouble served as the best consolation.
It was once the Hall; it is now the Hall Farm. Like the life in some coast town that was once a watering-place, and is now a port, where the genteel streets are silent and grass-grown, and the docks and warehouses busy and resonant, the life at the Hall has changed its focus, and no longer radiates from the parlour, but from the kitchen and the farmyard.