FARRPFood Allergy Research & Resource Program
FARRPForward Area Rearm and Refuel Point
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Database Reference WHO/IUIS Allergen Nomenclature IUIS 2004 Structural Database of Allergenic UTMB 2004 Proteins Food Allergy Research and FARRP 2004 Resource Program Protall Protall 2004 ALLERbase ALLERbase 2004 Allergome Allergome 2004 Central Science Laboratory CSL 2004 Abbreviations: IUIS, International Union of Immunological Societies; UTMB, University of Texas Medical Branch; WHO, World Health Organization.
FARRP is similarly focused on developing assays to detect allergenic food residues that might contaminate other foods.
FARRP co-director Steve Taylor explains that the standard-format Veratox test can quantify the presence of an allergen in a finished food product down to 1 ppm, while the companion test Alert can quantify the presence of allergens on processing surfaces down to 5 ppm.