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FARTFair and Reciprocal Tariff (act)
FARTFind and Replace Text (software)
FARTFerrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi (Regional Transport Authority for Canton Ticino, Switzerland)
FARTFathers Against Radical Teenagers (popular bumper sticker)
FARTFast Action Response Team
FARTFathers Against Rude Television (Futurama cartoon)
FARTFarmers Against Ridiculous Taxes (New Zealand)
FARTFire Alarm Response Team
FARTFire and Rescue Team
FARTFresh Air Ram Technology
FARTFast Armed Response Team (British, never used after realizing what this spelled) :-)
FARTFaux Athletic Recreational Tournaments (Washington, DC)
FARTFlorida Association of Respiratory Therapists
FARTFair & Accurate Reporting on Television (Daily Show)
FARTFire And Rappeller Training/Tactics
FARTFort Augustus Rally Team
FARTFlatulent Airborne Reaction Team (George Carlin)
FARTFederal Acronym Registration Team (The Daily Show)
FARTFastest Atlantic Racing Team (racing team; Canada)
FARTFireman's Annual River Trip
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A charming and funny story for Christmas, Colin the Reindeer and the Fart That Saved Christmas is an interactive story - readers can touch characters and scenes to activate sounds and animations to help bring the ebook tale to life.
Taking a different approach (after being unable to scrub the marker off), I tried to convince our hosts of the value of a Nek Fart original.
but I feel I needed a humorous portal," says Downs, who says it's fair to call him an "old fart.
I'd rather go to work and fart in Hasselhoff's face.
As King Arthur drolly underplayed by Tim Curry, who's come a long way since Rocky Horror--leads his merry band through encounters with the Knights Who Say Ni, the French Taunter ("I fart in your general direction
Burlesque is part of her soul, a soul that believes in the healing power of belly laughs and fart jokes, which is what essentially sets this film apart from most other historical documentaries.
If you treat a fart with activated charcoal, you take out the odor," he says.
I like the game where you fire balls up the nostrils, and I like the fart machine.
He's also chief prankster--strategically placed stink bombs, a fart machine.
802, Fart Worth, TX 76107, 817-735-2550, fax 817-735-0313.
Also on hand were eight of the CEOs, including Fart, featured in BLACK ENTERPRISE's new book, Titans of the B.
Ironically, despite the signing of a 240,000 square-foot lease at 787 Seventh Avenue (the last remaining 250,000 square-foot block west of Fifth Avenue and north of 34th Street) by Wilkie Fart & Gallagher, Midtown leasing velocity slowed appreciably to 919,000 square feet.