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FARTSFremont Amateur Radio Transmitter Society (Fremont, CA)
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(You would rather be old, have children from different fathers and fart, really smelly farts.) After all getting 'a' man is a privilege.
Some farts contain tiny poo particles that spread the bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes (pictured in a petri dish, right), which can cause tonsillitis and, more worryingly, but rarely, a flesh-eating disease.
You would notice an old lady in a congested metro (electric) train raising one leg to let out a very loud, smelly fart and nobody is concerned.
Being an experienced rider I think most of the Old Farts had no idea what they achieved.
This book would be suitable for younger readers aged 4 and up who appreciate a good fart joke.
Researchers even drew a distinction between the proverbial loud-but-proud and silent-but-violent, defined as "sneaking a fart" versus a "loud fart- where a large amount of intestinal gas is passed through the anus in a short period of time."
With its quirky title, whimsical content and beautiful watercolour illustrations, Bubble Homes and Fish Farts is the perfect read for young animal lovers of all ages.
"Eventually, in an official, yet unscripted moment that I have been given permission by Fiona Looney to use at will, I walked on and ad-libbed that it was indeed me who was not Queen of Heart, but Queen of Fart.
The event, organised by the Old Farts drama group, aims to help St Aiden's Church pay off a pounds 20,000 bill for roof repairs.
She's got a tattoo, a wonderful sense of humor, and can play musical tunes with her farts. Through her influence he acquires a car (which he is too young to drive), gets a girlfriend, and stands up to a bully with whom he suddenly has something in common--both of their fathers are in jail.
The average person, male or female, farts 20 times a day.