FASAEFellow of the American Society of Association Executives (honorific)
FASAEFilipino American Society of Architects and Engineers
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From the press statement of Fasae, it is obvious that this assemblage's proverbial fly walzing to an unheard musical rhythm on the top of the river has a drummer shrouded from view.
Dale & Bunnel (1984), also published data on weights and measurements of captured Stone's sheep as part of a study on foraging behaviour and nutrition and found that the chest girth is the best predictive equation for body weight and is applicable without seasonal variation while Fasae et al.
Also, the different markets cater to different target buyers (ceremonial and restaurants) and so the weight range for each herd differs and when the linear regression analysis was conducted, 80% of the population were within the predictive value of weight (18.6 [+ or -] 0.36 kg) chest girth, which is a satisfactory predictive index even though lower than values obtained by Benyi, with pure and crossbred goats but approximates the lower border of values obtained by Fasae et al., with Yankassa ewes.
The predictive equation for the liveweight from chest girth only managed to include 50-76% of the population with weight being 18.5+0.31kg chest girth, which is lower than all reported goat predictive indices (Benyi; Fasae et al.; Khan et al., 2006).
Spokesman of the Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG), Chief Biodun Akin Fasae, who addressed newsmen after a meeting of the group in Ibadan, said that the group would support the ambition of President MuhammaduBuhari and Vice-President YemiOsinbajo to return to office in 2019.
However, the exclusion or inclusion of legumes at low seeding rate produces inferior quality forage (Ayub et al., 2008), but maize forage quality can be improved by planting with a legume or addition the leaves of legumes in the fodder of maize at accurate ratio to improve the quality of diet of goats (Fasae et al., 2011).
Similarly, Fasae and Aladeniyi (2012) also reported that 65% had more than 3 year's internet experience while in Awoleye, Siyanbola and Oladipo study shows that students have about 4 years internet usage experience.
Similarly, Fasae and Aladeniyi (2012) study also shows that students used an average of 3-5 hours per week on the internet.
Citation analysis is a measurable method that transcends local needs and assures that core collections representing specific disciplines were in the book collections of Academic Libraries (Fasae, 2011).
The above notwithstanding, this study aims at investigating the claims of student some Nigerian students respondents in recent studies by Nigerian scholars that they use internet services more for research than for other reasons(Ilo and Ifijeh, 2010; Fasae and Aladenyi, 2012; Oyedun, 2007; Salaam and Adegbore, 2010; Ibegwam, 2004;).
This position is supported by Fasae and Aladenyi's (2012) who stated that students use the internet for research more than they use it for communication and entertainment.