FASGFraud and Security Group (Global System for Mobile Communications Association)
FASGFinancial Advice & Solutions Group
FASGFrench Adjuvant Study Group (clinical research; France)
FASGFellow American Society of Genealogists
FASGFaction Audace Sécurité Gardiennage (French security guard company)
FASGFolk Arts Society of Greenville (Greenville, NC)
FASGFlorida Association of Students of German
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At its 1987 meeting, the Research Society on Alcoholism's FASG attempted to agree on a more precise terminology for describing alcohol's broad effects on the fetus.
Characterization of FasG segments required for 987p fimbria--mediated binding to piglet glycoprotein receptors.
As these support structures have seemingly contradictory requirements for operation (stiffness and rigidity) and behaviour should they be hit by a speeding aircraft (flexibility or brittleness), the ICAO initiated the Frangible Aids Study Group (FASG) in 1981.
FASG has accumulated this experimental data in order to propose frangibility criteria to ICAO and to receive the approval of its member states in the form of Aerodrome Design Manual 6.