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FASHFellow of the American Society of Hypertension
FASHFolk Association of South Hants (UK)
FASHFuture Amphibious Support Helicopter (UK)
FASHFederal Alliance for Safe Homes
FASHFriends of the Abraham Staats House (South Bound Brook, NJ)
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"I guess Fash has tarnished his image even though he was never found guilty," admitted Carlton.
SPLIT: Fash and Melissa are living apart; FOCUS: Fash in the jungle
``Since I left the jungle I have been keeping a careful eye on Barry Town, because of the Fash connection,'' she said.
During the programme, Fash flew to Newcastle after agreeing to move in with a 'family from hell' for a TV show only to find out that the karaoke--loving dad and son were the Geordie jokers.
Last night was the first time in eight years Fash had been on Tyneside since his Wimbledon side lost 2-1 at St James's because "the ref was blind that day".
The new programme, Fash's Football Challenge on satellite channel Bravo, is due to start in October.
He was far more entertained by Fash - and I was too - with those constant references to the ``UK public'' and ``Fashanu fans''.
Fash took defeat in good spirits, hugging his fellow contestants.
And, on the other side of the pond, 38-year-old Ma Beckham stepped out with her current fash accessory of choice, baby Harper.
Tony Cottee, who played in that match, is interviewed in the 10pm show and said: ``The first time I knew we were safe was when I was walking along the tunnel and Fash (JohnFashanu) is in the tunnel and he's waiting for me and he's gone `Yes,TC, you're safe' -and he's given me the high fives and everything.
She was actually hosting Nobody Likes A Smartass, a quiz so flawed even Fash couldn't fix it.