FASINEXFrontal Air-Sea Interaction Experiment
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Mass treatment of sheep and cattle with TCBZ (Fasinex) or in combination with other anthelmintic drugs is common in the Netherlands (L.
In an ideal world, he says he would buy his breeding replacements from a breeder who: was MV, OEA and Scrapie accredited; had treated with Cydectin LA (for scab), Zolvix (for resistant worms), Fasinex (for fluke) and Micotil (for footrot and CODD) before the sale; had tested for CLA and BDV before the sale; and was willing to give assurances on Orf, Johne's, Jaagsiekte and Ringworm "That's not much to ask is it," admits Mr Macfarlane, but although the list sounds daunting, a potential bidder should try to get reassurances on as many of these as they can.
Cattle were treated with Fasinex (Ciba Co., Basel, Switzerland) for the control of internal parasites and were fed the experimental diets for a preliminary period of 15 days before starting the experiment.