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FASORForward Air Spring Operated Return (paintball)
FASORFrequency Addition Source of Optical Radiation
FASORForward Area Sonar Research
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(3) MTA-SZTE Dermatological Research Group, University of Szeged, Koranyi fasor 6, 6720 Szeged, Hungary
La referencia (Gubina & Strmcnik, 1995) es uno de los primeros articulos que propone la utilizacion de la informacion del fasor de tension de las barras para identificar la ruta de transmision critica para los flujos de P y Q, a traves del indice denominado TPSI (Transmission Path Stability Index).
(2) Dermatological Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, University of Szeged, Koranyi fasor 6, Szeged 6720, Hungary
Nar stormarna ute pa varldshavet rada, nar fasor den blodade jorden bebo, nar fejderna rasa, vi slumra dock bada i gyllene ro.
(Incidentally, in this essay there are some embarrassing mistranslations: no "Italian evangelical school" exists in Budapest, only a Lutheran grammar school in the old Olasz Fasor [Italian Avenue]; and the "populist-urbanist" controversy cannot be translated as "folk-urban" opposition.)
(1) Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Neuroscience, University of Szeged, Kozep Fasor 52, Szeged 6726, Hungary