FASPFirewall and Advanced Security Protocol
FASPFédération Autonome des Syndicats de Police (French: Autonomous Federation of Police Unions)
FASPFiction à Substrat Professionnel (French: Fiction Substrate Professional)
FASPFetal Anomaly Screening Programme (National Health Service; UK)
FASPFederal Agency Security Practices (NIST)
FASPFlorida Association of School Psychologists
FASPFlorida Aviation System Plan
FASPFlorida Association of Aging Services Providers
FASPFleet Airships, Pacific (US Navy)
FASPField Ammunition Supply Point
FASPFilter-Aided Sample Preparation (biochemistry)
FASPFast and Secure Protocol (Aspera)
FASPField Artillery Support Plan
FASPFlexible Automation in Ship Prefabrication
FASPFacility for Automated Software Production
FASPFlame-Assisted Spray Pyrolysis
FASPFunctional Area Strategic Plan
FASPForeign Area Specialist Program (USAF)
FASPFrench Angle Slotted Pipe
FASPFamily Assistance/Support Program
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The two-day orientation also discussed and clarified the different types of Overseas Development Assistance Project and the distribution of different DENR-FASPs nationwide; the process and procedures in the Project Management Cycle vis--vis; the role of FASP office; the project preparation and packaging as initiated by field offices in close coordination with the FASP; and Well-Coordinated field implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
Bringing FASPStream to market in a turnkey product after our first decade creating FASP file transfer marks the beginning of a new chapter for Aspera where streams and files interoperate for exceptional transport quality and efficiency over todays networks.
Now, by studying three members of a family in which many members experience both FASP and seasonal depression, also called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the researchers have identified a specific gene mutation that occurs in family members who experience both conditions, suggesting that the gene PER3, a member of the Period family of circadian genes appears to sit at the nexus of sleep and mood.
Two of the arrangements were dedicated to members of the FASP who had passed away.
She lauded the women members of FASP for participating in international floral competitions and bringing accolades to the country, besides promoting its soft image abroad.
De acuerdo con la LCF, el Ramo estaba compuesto, desde la decada de 1990, por ocho fondos: FAEB, fassa, fais, Fortamun, FAM, FAETA, FASP Y FAFEF, pero en 2004, en la Ley de Ingresos del Estado de Chiapas, se contemplo un fondo de recursos extraordinarios anuales denominado "Transferencias, Asignaciones, Subsidios y Otras Ayudas" (TASYOA), mismo que a partir de 2011 se separa del ramo 33 (Secretaria de Hacienda Chiapas, 2010), pasando a constituir actualmente (2017) un fondo de recursos federales independiente.
The overarching principle of Floral Art Society of Pakistan (FASP) was to promote peace and spirituality through the beauty of flowers, as flowers in Pakistan are given as a symbol of peace as well as conventional sympathy.
They had come to support the FASP in its good cause.
TraceMark is also the first to fully integrate distributor watermarking with Aspera's FASP transfer technology.
20 [micro]g of total proteins from each sample were in-solution digested using the Filter Aided Sample Preparation (FASP) protocol as reported in literature [24].
Marina Moretti, IMF Assistant Director at Monetary and Capital Markets Department who led the FASP team, said the team saw a system in India that is evolving structurally.
Coronel Gamboa sostiene que "la politica de simulacion" de la anterior administracion es motivo de la apertura de carpetas de investigacion, entre ellas por "la simulacion de perfiles geneticos y desvio de 300 millones del Fondo de Aportaciones para la Seguridad Publica (FASP)".