FASPFirewall and Advanced Security Protocol
FASPFédération Autonome des Syndicats de Police (French: Autonomous Federation of Police Unions)
FASPFiction à Substrat Professionnel (French: Fiction Substrate Professional)
FASPFetal Anomaly Screening Programme (National Health Service; UK)
FASPFederal Agency Security Practices (NIST)
FASPFlorida Association of School Psychologists
FASPFlorida Aviation System Plan
FASPFleet Airships, Pacific (US Navy)
FASPFlorida Association of Aging Services Providers
FASPField Ammunition Supply Point
FASPFilter-Aided Sample Preparation (biochemistry)
FASPFast and Secure Protocol (Aspera)
FASPField Artillery Support Plan
FASPFlexible Automation in Ship Prefabrication
FASPFacility for Automated Software Production
FASPFlame-Assisted Spray Pyrolysis
FASPForeign Area Specialist Program (USAF)
FASPFunctional Area Strategic Plan
FASPFrench Angle Slotted Pipe
FASPFamily Assistance/Support Program
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Built on Aspera FASP technology, Aspera Files transforms cloud-based content sharing and collaboration by eliminating the problems of sharing large files and large directories with fast and secure transfer of even the largest content and associated metadata directly from its native storage environment (on premises or in cloud).
FASP and FADP reached the bottom values at 30 min after infusion of two doses of BQ123, and retuned to the baseline at 60 min after infusion.
Aspera software is powered by the Emmy award-winning FASP protocol to deliver the fastest, most predictable file-transfer, share and sync experience across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure.
Besides FASP general secretary Shandana Bangash, vice president Nasreen Anjum, and finance secretary Sobia Riaz, around 50 women attended the workshop.
Based on the patented FASP high-speed file transport technology, the IBM Aspera solution enables Telewizja Polsat to handle the daily file uploads, ingest and sharing workflows with greater speed, security and efficiency.
President FASP (Islamabad Chapter), Samina Fazil said 35 years ago, a group of talented ladies laid the foundations of this society at Karachi and a simple coffee morning was organized to a start this expressive art.
Based on Aspera FASP technology, IBM Aspera Files is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering on IBM Cloud that accelerates the sharing and transfer of large files and directories even the largest content files and associated metadata directly from its native storage environment whether on premises or in the cloud.
The members of FASP participated with great enthusiasm and the encouraging thing was that many of the new members also took part in flower arrangement.
Addressing to the participants, president FASP, Samina Shahid Rafi said that today we have learnt the language of love through flowers.
The two-day orientation also discussed and clarified the different types of Overseas Development Assistance Project and the distribution of different DENR-FASPs nationwide; the process and procedures in the Project Management Cycle vis--vis; the role of FASP office; the project preparation and packaging as initiated by field offices in close coordination with the FASP; and Well-Coordinated field implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
FASP members emerged successful in all the competitions they participated in, with five ladies from Islamabad Maryam Bangash bagging the first position in Critter and Travel and Sameena Ahmed securing the first place in X-ray.
By leveraging platform-specific features and Asperas patented FASP technology that is natively integrated into Object Storage APIs, users can effortlessly exchange files at high speed to other internal and external users.