FASScFibrosing Alveolitis Complicating Systemic Sclerosis
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In parallel to the relationship between lung density and disease activity (i.e., between controls, patients treated, and drug-naive patients), [sup.11]C-PK11195 binding would tend to decline according to the disease burden in fibrosing alveolitis due to systemic sclerosis (FASSc) patients [85].
Table 3 Applications Population/animal models Radioligand Preclinical Unilateral instillation of [sup.11]C-PK11195 fibrogenic (microcrystalline Si[O.sub.2], n = 12 rabbits), nonfibrogenic (amorphous Si[O.sub.2], n = 10 rabbits) 5 [micro]m particles into rabbit lungs Clinical 6 COPD patients, 6 chronic [sup.11]C-PK11195 asthmatics, and 5 HC Clinical 15 FASSc (10 drug-naive & 5 with [sup.11]C-PK11195 immunosuppressive drugs) patients versus 7 HC Applications Main findings Ref.