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FASTAFraternidad de Agrupaciones Santo Tomás de Aquino (Spanish: Fraternity of St Thomas Aquinas Groups )
FASTAFoundation for Analytical Science & Technology in Africa
FASTAFahrplan Stäbilität (Stability Analysis of Timetables for a Highly Interconnected rail Network)
FASTAFresno Area Substitute Teachers Association
FASTAFederal Acquisition Streamlining Act
FASTAFamily Advocacy Staff Training, Advanced
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BLAST was used to collect eight closest sequences compared to the query FASTA sequence of FHIT protein in PDB database.
After selecting each organism of the 10, click on the FASTA link to display the protein sequence information.
baumannii isolates, 15 isolates for which whole genome sequences were available were combined to create a FASTA database (see online Supplemental Table 2).
Protein sequence in FASTA format was submitted as input to SIFT in order to predict possible effect of any of the other amino acids substitution at every position.
Genome table contains fields like Id, name, type, NCBI accession number, DENVirDB accession number, country, genome size, reference, start and end positions of each protein, protein Id and sequences in FASTA format.
31 tar file HS-genome-big 3 FASTA files of human chromosomes 1, 2 and 3 from NCBI 36.
Based on FASTA sequence for 3'UTR of neurocan gene obtained from NCBI, we designed the flanking primers for rs1064395: forward 5-CATTGCCTGGTGGTCTAGAAA-3' and reverse 5-GGAGGAAGGCAAGGTGAGTT-3'.
Miembro de la Pontificia Academia de Santo Tomas desde 1989, fue nombrado por Juan Pablo II Caballero Comendador de la Orden de San Gregorio Magno en 2003 y desde abril de 2005 era Doctor honoris causa por las Universidades Abat Oliba CEU de Barcelona, Pontificia y Real de Santo Tomas de Aquino de Manila, y FASTA de Mar del Plata en Argentina.
gov) and its protein sequences was downloaded and stored in FASTA format.
You will see that the beta hemoglobin gene contains 1606 nucleotides ("letters"), here shown in what we call FASTA format.
Supported applications include: OpenFOAM, NUMECA, Acusolve, LS-Dyna, Gaussian, Gamess, NAMD, Gromacs, LAMMPS, BLAST, FASTA, HMMER, ClustalW and OntoStudio.