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FASTAFraternidad de Agrupaciones Santo Tomás de Aquino (Spanish: Fraternity of St Thomas Aquinas Groups )
FASTAFoundation for Analytical Science & Technology in Africa
FASTAFahrplan Stäbilität (Stability Analysis of Timetables for a Highly Interconnected rail Network)
FASTAFresno Area Substitute Teachers Association
FASTAFederal Acquisition Streamlining Act
FASTAFamily Advocacy Staff Training, Advanced
FASTAFast Adaptive Shrinkage Threshold Algorithm (bioinformatics)
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The Fasta publicised that the company had a deal with Juventus which stipulated Ronaldo would play for at least 45 minutes and that Ronaldo would hold a fan signing event," Kim told Reuters.
Sequencing of DNA samples: PCR products sent for sequencing returned in FASTA files formats and chromatograms of the BRCA1 exon 2 coding sequence of 99 base pairs, along with intronic flanking regions on both 3' and 5' ends.
Prediction of ORF: The FASTA format of four salt stress responsive genes of Arabidopsis thaliana and Solanum lycopersicum were subjected to ORF finder which conducts graphical analysis to study and know all possible open reading frames.
It works by utilizing the FASTA arranged amino acid groupings and has got the compositional investigation, charge dispersion examination, repetitive structure, multiple's periodicity investigation, dividing inspection [33].
In order to create consensus sequences, nucleotide sequences within each FASTA file specific to a genus were aligned using ClustalW [20].
Investigators can download the bam file of the aligned Iso-Seq reads and consensus fasta sequences of full-length isoforms from each sample.
The protein FASTA files were downloaded from the NCBI website (20).
The FASTA sequence of FHIT protein consists of 147 amino acids taken from NCBI protein database, which is: >gi|21595364|gb|AAH32336.1| FHIT protein [Homo sapiens]
Students were encouraged to choose any 10 organisms in the list from the link above and record their FASTA accession numbers.