FASTEXFronts and Atlantic Storm Track Experiment
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FASTEX AED specializes in AED sales, AED program management and CPR training.
They attach to the bars with Nylon straps and Fastex buckles.
One such process is now available from FASTEX products and is an alternative to moly-coating rifle barrels and bullets.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 2, 2016-DXE Medical Acquires FASTEX AED to Distribute Automated External Defibrillators
Its 1 1/2-inch waistband strap has a fastex buckle release that makes the Escort Waist-pack extremely easy to put on and take off.
The 1.5-inch waistband strap includes a Fastex buckle release, making the pack extremely easy to put on and remove.
According to its hyperbolic label, Fastex Barrel Treatment will "...reduce friction, increase velocity & power, extend range, reduce wear, improve accuracy & control, increase penetration, reduce recoil, tighten groups & patterns." Mr.
This adaptive approach was first demonstrated utilizing the datasets collected during the Fronts and Atlantic Stor m Track Experiment (FASTEX) project in 1997 (Joly et al.
They utilize a tapered jacket and pure lead core, and are jacket-lubricated with a new dry coating called "Fastex." I haven't as yet tried these bullets, but Bill Noody, the owner, has done a great job with what he has built in the past, including some highly specialized bullets I requested.
The first large-scale attempt to investigate the utility of targeted observations in the extratropics was the multinational Fronts and Atlantic Storm Track Experiment (FASTEX) field campaign in 1997 (Snyder 1996; Joly et al.