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FASTIFédération des Associations de Solidarité avec les Travailleurs Immigrés (French: Federation of Migrant Worker Solidarity Associations)
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The book itself is primarily arranged chronologically after an overview of Ovid's composition of the Fasti and of the wavering academic interest in the poem.
Ovid's Fasti, for the first time, provides a discernible strategy behind a poet's presentation of the names 'Caesar' or 'Augustus'.
Thus, in naming the two imperial months, Sancho seems quite aware of ancient calendared time, and may well be echoing Ovid's Fasti, where the text breaks off right before the months dedicated to the two Caesars, Julius and Augustus.
The FASTI Programme supports co-ordinated implementation and rapid deployment across Europe of controller tools such as Medium Term Conflict Detection, Monitoring Aids and System Supported Coordination.
The Fasti Capitolini represented by no means the first Roman inscription to excite interest during the renaissance.
1) further erode our confidence in the fasti praetorii.
Her Bibliography is too long, and enters texts under editors' names: readers who know they should look for Le Neve's Fasti under Diana Greenway will not need her entry, and readers who do not will have difficulty finding it.
This and much more are being provided for England by the new edition of Le Neve's Fasti; they have been provided for Scotland by the pioneering Fasti of Donald Watt.
Ovid's Women of the Year: Narratives of Roman Identity in the Fasti
Fasti Austriae 1736: Ein naulateinisches Gedicht in funfzehn europaischen Sprachen.
The varieties of religious and civic ritual practiced across the vast Roman empire are discovered through analysis of archaeological and written evidence, with paper topics that include women as participants in sacrifices, images of the gods in Roman Greece, public feasts during the time of imperial Rome, and the end of the triumphal fasti in 19 BC.