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FASTIFédération des Associations de Solidarité avec les Travailleurs Immigrés (French: Federation of Migrant Worker Solidarity Associations)
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A ello se anade su intencion pedagogica ya mencionada: como en su Carmen bucolicum y en sus Fasti, nuestro poeta presenta asuntos cristianos en una forma clasica para un uso escolar (129).
The book itself is primarily arranged chronologically after an overview of Ovid's composition of the Fasti and of the wavering academic interest in the poem.
Ovid's Fasti, for the first time, provides a discernible strategy behind a poet's presentation of the names 'Caesar' or 'Augustus'.
To counteract the 400% rise in stainless-steel prices over the last two years, Fasti has changed its hopper construction.
Indeed, the Fasti can be conceived as a work of exile, one that remains unfinished either because Ovid did not have the materials he needed while away from Rome, or because he chose to ignore the two months that followed June, since July and August point to the Caesars.
Review of Newlands, C, Playing with Time: Ovid and the Fasti Ithaca & London: Cornell University Press.
The endorsement of FASTI is seen as a milestone for the programme as it is the first time participating stakeholders have reached an agreement on the operational changes required to achieve the benefits from implementation of controller tools.
393), the rural goddess and patroness of shepherds (Fasti, IV.
This discovery was not a sculpture, but an inscription: the marble fragments-albeit incomplete--that make up what we now know as the Fasti Capitolini (Fig.
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