FASTSIMHigh-Speed Simulator
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In order to validate the algorithm, the numerical results have been compared with the most used methods (FASTSIM and Polach) considering at first simple cases and then the simulation of a vehicle on real track.
These exponents are obtained using a trial and error approach in order to achieve, with the proposed algorithm, results similar to the FASTSIM [6] and Polach's [7] algorithms.
The Simpack equivalent elastic contact model is used to evaluate the contact point position and the normal load, while the friction forces are evaluated comparing three different algorithms: FASTSIM (considering a discretization of the contact area equal to 50x50), Polach, and the one proposed in this work.
V we shall be able to conclude that the results of presented model for tangential forces caused by longitudinal and lateral creepages for constant temperature-dependent coefficient of friction on wheel/rail contact f are nearly equal results of Kalker's programme FASTSIM (Kalker, 1990).
The amount of material removed due to the wear process is calculated in a modified FASTSIM algorithm.
In order to evaluate the tangential pressure distribution on the contact area, the FASTSIM algorithm discretizes the contact region along both the x and the y direction.