FASWCFleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Command (US Navy)
FASWCForce Anti-Submarine Warfare Commander
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and how we as a Navy bring surface, air, submarine, integrated underwater sonar system arrays, and integrate that in a common undersea picture so that we can control the water column to exert the influence that we need to exert in the littorals--that's why ASW is important; that's what FASWC is going to be all about," said Brandhuber.
This includes integrated training on a fleetwide scale under the guidance of FASWC.
In January 2004, to help fulfill the directive to develop a command to improve ASW readiness and capability in the next few years, the FASWC will stand up in San Diego, CA, according to Navy spokeswoman LT M.
LT Morrison told JED that the FASWC will be tasked with five mission areas: integrated fleet ASW training; assessing ASW performance throughout the fleet and coordinating opposition exercises; coordinating individual student ASW training and development of integrated ASW training resources; bringing new ASW technologies to the fleet quickly; and improving theater undersea warfare (USW) capability.