FAStTFibre Array Storage Technology (IBM)
FAStTFreeflight Atmospheric Scramjet Test Technique
FAStTField Activity Support Technology Transfer
FAStTFleet All Source Tactical Terminal
FAStTFleet Activity Support Technical Transfer
FAStTFamilies And Schools Together Team (Leeds School Improvement Service)
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FASTT was measured at the anterior l/3rd of abdominal circumference by ultrasound after 36 weeks and weight of the baby measured after birth.
This proposal mirrors the FASTT Checks Act's proposals for adjusting the dollar amounts used in the EFAA and Regulation CC to catch up and keep pace with inflation, treating Saturday as a "business day" for the purpose of calculating hold periods, and eliminating hold exceptions for "large deposits.
Amending the EFAA in Light of Check 21's Success: The FASTT Checks Act (105)
106) Representative Tsongas re-introduced the FASTT Checks Act before the 112th Congress with two co-sponsors, Representative Jackie Speier and Representative Frederica Wilson.
160) The benefits to bank customers and to the checking payment system that the FASTT Checks Act would provide justify any expected detriment to banks.
The proposed FASTT Checks Act of 2011 incorporates the "Saturday as a business day" proposal of the CCAF.
The 112th Congress should consider enacting a variation on the FASTT Checks Act of 2011.
The FASTT Act, if passed, would require that banks make certain deposited funds available to their customers more quickly.
Scientists at FASTT have already helped an Oxfordshirefirm develop a pilotless, reusable spacecraft which could lift off within a decade.
Both FASTT Math and Destination Math provide reports for teachers that enable them to identify the specific areas where individual students are having problems.
One such district using FASTT Math and seeing outstanding results is Sandusky City (Ohio) Schools, which has been using the software for the past three years in its six elementary schools.