FAStTFibre Array Storage Technology (IBM)
FAStTFreeflight Atmospheric Scramjet Test Technique
FAStTField Activity Support Technology Transfer
FAStTFleet All Source Tactical Terminal
FAStTFleet Activity Support Technical Transfer
FAStTFamilies And Schools Together Team (Leeds School Improvement Service)
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This proposal mirrors the FASTT Checks Act's proposals for adjusting the dollar amounts used in the EFAA and Regulation CC to catch up and keep pace with inflation, treating Saturday as a "business day" for the purpose of calculating hold periods, and eliminating hold exceptions for "large deposits." However, unlike the FASTT Checks Act, this Note's proposal would also eliminate "large deposit" exceptions for all banks, not only those that use ECP and have total assets of $10 billion.
"With the launch of the FASTT Centre, we will be able to develop the crucial technologies that will address these issues and redesign the shuttles of the future.
Both FASTT Math and Destination Math provide reports for teachers that enable them to identify the specific areas where individual students are having problems.
Then, the company set up the disaster-recovery facility in Lakeland using the IBM FAStT. SVC and Eclipse 1620 SAN routers provide the connectivity between the two sites through synchronous mirroring of the data.
The IBM FAStT Storage Servers are designed to provide high uptime and scalability.
IBM's SVC PPRC utilizes the standards-based protocols featured in multiple McDATA Eclipse SAN Routers, enabling SVC PPRC to work between ESS and a FAStT arrays to extend storage connectivity over distance.
Storage sales were up 5%, with midrange disk arrays up 7% and low-cost FastT arrays growing by 36%.
Fast Search & TransferT (FASTT), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has announced a relationship with IBM to pursue the development, marketing and sales of integrated e-business solutions to the Life Sciences market in Europe and in North America.
-- IBM FAStT Storage Servers (200, 500, 700): Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3; SuSE Linux 7.3; and TurboLinux 7.0
The new releases include the TotalStorage FAStT 900 disk storage offering, the TotalStorage Linear Tape-Open Ultrium 2 drive tape system, the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager that support FAStT 900 and Ultrium 2 tape drives and the Cisco MDS 9216 and 9509.
A randomized clinical trial to evaluate optimal treatment for unexplained infertility: the fasttrack and standard treatment (FASTT) trial.