FATBFlorida Association of Ticket Brokers
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Cuphea [beta]-ketoacyl-ACP synthase shifts the synthesis of fatty acids towards shorter chains in Arabidopsis seeds expressing Cuphea FatB thioesterases.
Considerable progress has been made in developing very high C18:1 oilseed by engineering of the [DELTA]12-desaturase and FatB thioesterase.
With the objective of developing Brassica oilseed as an alternative source of SMCFA, FatB thioesterase genes were isolated from a number of noncrop plant species accumulating high levels of SMCFA C16:0 and C18:1 in their seed oil.
The ability to engineer a nonlaurate-accumulating plant for C12:0 production was first demonstrated by transforming Arabidopsis with a FatB gene cloned from California Bay tree [Umbellularia californica (Hook.
paniculata at different development stages; the result founded that the key regulatory enzymes involved in lipid metabolism (ACC, KASII, KASIII, FATA, FATB, ACSL, SAD, FAD2, GPAT9, LPCAT1, DGAT1, and PDAT1) were determined and they play vital roles in the oil accumulation in S.