FATMFederación Argentina de Tenis de Mesa (Spanish: Argentina Federation of Table Tennis; Argentina)
FATMFlorence and the Machine (band; UK)
FATMFaith and the Muse (band)
FATMFoaming at the Mouth
FATMFatty Acid Trophic Marker (marine biology)
FATMFrench Agricultural Technical Mission
FATMFund and Treasury Management (UK)
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2003) therefore hypothesize that FATM may help resolve trophic interactions in microbial loop food webs and they support the strengthening of fatty acid research in this area, also by Strom (2000), recognizing the importance of these systems in the global carbon budget.
1 million payday once another venture, FATM Touring, is wound up.
My sincere thanks to Dr GhaithAl Badri for pointing out an error in the article I published on Galenic Medicine in fATMS fune 2013 which mistakenly referred to an image of a book as a 'Persian Galenic text'.