FATNThaba 'Nchu (airport code; South Africa)
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Against WH and BMI, most of the previous research recommended TST as a more accurate method to reflect body fatn in children and adolescents and better a alternative for BMI for monitoring obesity in children [3, 40].
Companies mentioned include Mercantile Bancorp (MTL), Pacific Financial (BOH ), Hibernia (HIB), First American of Tennessee (FATN), Union Planters (UPC), Bank United of Texas (BKNU), Intel (INTC), Sun Microsystems (SUNM), American Home Pro ducts (AHP), Bristol-Myers (BMY), GE (GE), PepsiCo (PEP), Schlumberger (SLB), Mac roChem (MCHM), America Online (AOL), Genzyme Transgenics (GZTC), KeraVision (KERA ), Summit Technology (BEAM), VISX (VISX), Genzyme Corp.