FATPFatty-Acid Transport Protein
FATPFederally Authorized Tax Practitioner (US tax law)
FATPFuture Astronaut Training Program (camp)
FATPFunctional Acceptance Test Plan
FATPFirst Article Test Plan
FATPFinal Assembly, Test & Pack
FATPForm Audience Topic Purpose (writing education)
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Does a general confidentiality privilege exist for tax return preparation communications, aside from the very narrow FATP privilege?
FATP enhances the cellular uptake of long-chain fatty acids (Lobo et al.
In parallel, the mRNA levels of FATP, aP2 and DGAT1 were decreased in the WAT of the HFD + 1.
In fact, the FATP is even narrower than the attorney-client privilege because it does not apply to tax shelters:
7525 privilege should likewise be expected to protect similar tax advice involving analysis of the law, as opposed to substantiation of numbers on a return, rendered by FATPs in connection with an IRS audit.
Our success in obtaining the FATP of CCTV CSTTC offers great encouragement to NDS China and strengthens our commitment to further dedicate resources to the development of digital TV in China," said Gary Zhou, General Manager, NDS China.
FATPs are CPAs, attorneys (including those employed by accounting firms), enrolled agents and enrolled actuaries.
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance contract for various works of clinker grinder, hydro ejector, feeder ejector, and FATP discharge lines in Unit #2,3&4 at CSTPS.
Tenders are invited for Work of servicing of Guillotine Gate, main water valve, cleaning of FATP & BADP sump & replacement of Ammonia Injectors in U # 2 & 4 during overhaul at CSTPS, Chandrapur.
Tenders are invited for Work of Replacement of Liner Inside Common Ash Slurry Tank,Ash Flushing Nozzle System fabrication & erection in AHP,Replacement of worn Out Pipe Lines of FATP area & in Pump House of U-5 during Short Shut down at BM-II ( AHP),TPS Parli-V.
Tenders are invited for Work of Replacement of liner inside common ash slurry tank, ash flushing nozzle system fabrication & erection in AHP, Replacement of worn out pipelines of FATP area & in pump house of U-4 during AOH at BM-II (AHP-ODP), TPS Parli-V.