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FATTYForward Area Tactical Typewriter
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"But you can still drink, I hope"; Fatty at the same time mollified and invited, with his one hand deftly pulling the slip-knots that fastened his bundle.
His presence was a chill, and Whiskers and Fatty instinctively drew together for protection against the unguessed threat of him.
"Huh!" sneered the terrible one, with such dreadfulness of menace as to cause Whiskers and Fatty involuntarily to close their hands down on their cave-man's weapons.
"We ain't lookin' for trouble, Slim," Fatty quavered.
I'm just Fatty, an' seein' 's I never seen you before--"
Slim turned a scorching eye-interrogation on Fatty.
Simultaneously Slim reached for his quoit, and Whiskers and Fatty for their rocks.
"Now don't let's get feverish," Fatty said, dropping his own weapon.
"My father done it--did it," Fatty concurred and corrected, as old recollections exploded long-sealed brain-cells of connotation and correct usage.
He broke off to mix another drink, and Fatty took up the tale.
"I should say so, I should say so," Fatty confirmed.
Nothing loth, Fatty cleared his throat for the recital and cast about in his mind for the best way to begin.