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FATWFirst Against the Wall
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FATW presents low values of crystallinity corresponding to cellulose type I due to the presence of lignin and other organic materials; extracted cellulose presents an increase in the crystallinity index in the cellulose type I and type II.
The deconvolution of the diffraction peaks was performed using the PeakFit v4.12 software and the Gaussian-Lorentzian method; in consequence, FATW exhibited 100% cellulose I, extracted cellulose presented 57% type I and 43% type II, and after acid hydrolysis, the percentage of cellulose I diminished and that for cellulose II slightly increased (CNC) and remained at the same level after polymer grafting (CNC/2-EHA).
In some ways that Rushdie coup - the writer's first appearance at an open public event since the fatw...