FAUSCHFast Uplink Signaling Channel
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The author thanks Alison Bruer, Jeff Fausch, and Colin Mitchell for their assistance as percipients; Ashley Harbutt and Cheryl Hyland for their assistance as agents; Brian Williams as transcript assessor; and Dr.
leucomaenis are morphologically similar, closely related (Cavender 1989), and mostly allopatric in streams of Hokkaido, the northern island of the Japanese archipelago (Ishigaki 1987, Fausch et al.
The IBI was developed as an assessment tool to identify changes in biotic integrity resulting from anthropogenic factors (Karr et al., 1987; Fausch et al., 1990).
Fish at the top of the food chain are usually the first to disappear since they depend on a stable food web (Dominguez-Dominguez et al., 2008), and relatively high water transparency for selecting food (Fausch et al., 1900; Simon & Lyons, 1995; Lyons et al., 2000) and abundant fish and benthic invertebrates as feeding resources (Godinho & Ferreira, 1994).
1991, Gowan and Fausch 1996, Gilliam and Fraser, in press), and other taxa (Kareiva 1982, Brown and Zeng 1989, Olesen and Warncke 1989, Kot et al.
Subsequent research has identified streams in which hydrologic variability has a great influence on the ecological characteristics of fish assemblages (Fausch and Bramblett 1991, Strange et al.
Diel plasticity has also been observed in numerous species and is usually attributed to individuals seeking thermal, velocity, or predator refuge (Mundahl, 1990; Smith and Fausch, 1997; Schaefer et al, 2003).
Johnny Gonzalez 3 0 8, Tyler Barsamian 2 0 5, Matt Blanc 2 3 7, Michael Hayes 1 0 3, Jesse Mosczynski 2 3 7, Dylan Gordon 1 0 2, Cameron Saster 1 0 2, Teddy George 7 2 19, Josh Osipitan 1 0 2, John Maguire 2 1 5, Dean Cordani 0, Matt Fausch 0.
All populations of Chrosomus in Colorado are considered relicts and historically occurred only in the transition zone of the Front Range Mountains, a longitudinally narrow north-to-south region that supports streams intermediate in character between cold, clear, high-elevation streams in high-gradient mountainous areas and those in low-elevation, low-gradient, turbid, and warmer plains (Fausch and Bestgen, 1997).
La base para utilizar el monitoreo biologico de los peces con el objetivo de evaluar la degradacion ambiental, es que la salud relativa de una comunidad de peces es un indicador sensible de los impactos directos e indirectos sobre el ecosistema acuatico en su conjunto (Fausch et al.
Although past attitudes regarding the stocking of nonnative fishes have been largely favorable, recent research has demonstrated the potential for negative impacts (Schoenherr 1981; Fausch & White 1986; Moyle & Light 1996; Li & Moyle 1999; Gale et al.
Visual censuses of reef fish have been used to monitor fish communities as indicators of environmental degradation (Hourigan et al., 1988; Fausch et al., 1990) and as a fisheries management tool for assessing the condition of reef fish stocks (Ault et al., 1998).