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FAVAFabrega, Acosta, Vega & Asociados (Panamanian financial firm)
FAVAFirelands Association for the Visual Arts (est. 1979; Oberlin, OH)
FAVAFilm and Video Arts Society of Alberta (Canada)
FAVAFederation of Asian Veterinary Associations
FAVAFestival des Arts Visuels en Atlantique (French: Atlantic Visual Arts Festival; Canada)
FAVAFreethinkers and Atheists of Virginia
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To keep the color in this mild spring soup bright, use a deep green head of lettuce, cooking it only enough to wilt it, and peel favas shortly before using them.
There's just enough creamy rice to hold together the generous tumble of favas and their greens, which taste similar to spinach.
This machine is based on the standard range of machines that are available from FAVA, however has been value engineered to keep prices to a minimum.
Favas are actually members of the pea family and grow in pods ranging from 5 to 12 inches long.
The majority of the beans come from California, but Oregon and Washington favas started arriving several weeks ago.
Most favas grow 4 to 5 feet tall, with succulent-looking, blue-green leaves.
Favas and ricotta on buttermilk crackers 8 SERVINGS (16 CRACKERS) | 45 MINUTES We picked the favas from our garden and made ricotta from the milk of Holly, Sunset's cow (she lives on a farm south of our office).
Large seeds produce sturdy, frost-tolerant plants with fragrant blossoms and a succulent spring harvest far superior to wilted favas in grocery stores.
All but the very youngest favas need to be double-shelled.
When grown together, these crops form a symbiotic relationship: the favas act as trellises for the vetch to climb on, and the vetch helps keep the fava plants from blowing over in wind.
Also called horse beans, broad beans, and Windsor beans, favas are a favorite of Italian cooks and are appreciated in other Mediterranean cuisines.