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FAVEFonds d'Amélioration de la Vie Étudiante (French: Fund for Improvement of Student Life)
FAVEFoundation and Vocational Education
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Fave Animal: I love everything about birds: their colors, songs, movement, and flight.
Thus far, Groupon Malaysia has been fully integrated into Fave, while Groupon Indonesia is set to follow suit in the coming months.
Fave scene: "I really liked the scene in the episode where Jessica Lange comes back and is dying and has a scene with her daughter.
Daily fruit and vegetable servings are very important," said Fave chief marketing officer David Kirkpatrick.
Antonucci will receive the Great Guy Award from the YWCA of Central Massachusetts at the organization's annual Daybreak Breakfast in honor of the school's partnership with the YWCA and commitment to FAVE.
Kelly Kowall, President and Founder of FAVE - Project Corregidor, stated “Having the help from the agents and volunteers was a God-send.
Fave saying: Evil thrives when good men do nothing.
And be thankful that excellent new gaming titles continue to hit the market every month (current fave is MLB '06: The Show, one of the better baseball games I've seen on any platform).
With a couple of dozen new styles--including our fave, gaucho jeans--and their focus on urban cred for women in that 25-55 age range, PZI is sure to be a hit.
Festival fave Nedra Johnson blends her songwriting skills, earthshaking voice, and smooth bass in a soul-satisfying new CD.
Marta Le Fave was named account executive for fragrance sales on the East coast.