FAWAFood and Wine Academy (Brussels, Belgium)
FAWAFlorida Amateur Wrestling Association (Jacksonville, FL)
FAWAFazekas Attila Wellness Akademia (Hungarian wellness center)
FAWAFrench African Welfare Association (est. 2003; UK)
FAWAFredericton Area Watersheds Association (Canada)
FAWAFight Acronym with Acronym (comedian Bill Bailey)
FAWAFiji Aviation Workers Association
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The duo of Younis al Rawahi and Fawas al Mandhari recorded a hard-fought 7-5, 7-6 (4) victory over Subash Pilai and Jodhbir Singh to move into the last 16.
Last July, Snood and Mayon were responsible for the deployment of De Jesus in Jeddah, where she worked as a household service worker under the sponsorship of a Fawas Abdulrahman Abdulsalam Sultan.
Chairman Fawas Al Hasawi said: "We knew when we bought the club in the summer that it would take time for the players we bought in to settle but that process has taken longer than we anticipated.
They are a very helpful team EoACA* very nice people," Fawas Al Saleh of Dubai Police said.
The move to launch such a programme was driven by the emerging need for industry-specific knowledge in the field of Islamic finance in Sri Lanka," explained Fawas Farook, General Manager of Amana Global.
Following the opening ceremony, the ambassador took a tour of the store accompanied by Fawas Diab, chief commercial officer of TSC Oman, embassy officials, American investors in the country, invitees from the American community and TSC staff.
Two days prior to the revised closing date of February 18 we contacted the FAWas agreed but, to our surprise, were informed the game was sold out.
Chevron Chevron's 'low-ash' diesel has drawn major interest among visitors, says the company's Bahrain sales team leader Fawas Altamimi, who rated the response to the company's stall "as good as last year".
AndWales on Sunday can reveal the former England boss would welcome an approach from the FAWas hes looks to stay in Britain.
Fawas Elkhoury, Lowe's, Roche Brothers, Sovereign Bank, Stop & Shop, and Willows for allowing the Scouts to run cookie shops on their premises.
But the bosses said the FAwas leaving hundreds of teams poorly equipped.
On the contrary, Fawas Gerges noted in a 21 September 2007 International Herald Tribune article that "one of bin Laden's most prominent Saudi mentors, the preacher and scholar Salman al-Oadah, [has] publicly reproached bin Laden for causing widespread mayhem and killing.