FAWCFine Arts Work Center
FAWCFarm Animal Welfare Council (UK)
FAWCFor Anyone Who Cares (chat slang)
FAWCFarm Animal Welfare Coalition (Washington, DC)
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9605/1998 that refers to the crimes against fauna is vague and does not address the 'five freedoms' (FAWC 1992) or provide any other information regarding animal well-being, especially about captive wild animals in Brazil.
That said, she notes, "I am an animal welfare advocate." She and her team source leather materials from companies like Bridge of Weir, which subscribe to the "Five Freedoms" defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (fawc.org.uk; i.e., Freedom from Hunger and Thirst; from Discomfort; from Pain, Injury or Disease; to Express Normal Behaviour; from Fear and Distress).
Providing farm animals with the freedom from pain, injury or disease is one of the most challenging obligations, this is one of the Five Freedoms guidelines issued by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC); the others being the freedom from hunger and thirst, the freedom from discomfort, the freedom to express normal behaviour and the freedom from fear and distress.
Lameness is regarded as the most representative animal based indicator of welfare in dairy cows (Whay et al., 2003) as symptoms of discomfort, pain, injury and distress associated with lameness affect the cow's ability to interact both socially and with her physical environment (FAWC, 1997).
fawc.org), which offers week-long workshops for emerging poets, painters and writers, and the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (www.paam.org), which endeavors to advance the area's fine arts industry with a host of educational opportunities, exhibitions and other special events throughout the year.
The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) - now the Farm Animal Welfare Committee - concluded in 2003 that non-stun slaughter was unacceptable because "such a massive injury (throat cutting) would result in very significant pain and distress in the period before insensibility supervenes".
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