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FAWEForum for African Women Educationalists
FAWEFelix A. Williams Elementary (Stuart, FL)
FAWEForo de Mujeres Africanas Especialistas en Pedagogía
FAWEAfrican Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (Ghana)
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A study by FAWE (1995) revealed that women and girls are marginalized and devalued in most African textbooks.
The FAWE counselor echoes many Sierra Leoneans' longing for an end to the civil war in their country.
It is for these reasons that ADEA and FAWE have selected six African countries (Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe) as hubs for this search for successful groundbreaking projects that encourage retention, access and performance of girls in secondary education.
One, led by the Government of Norway, on science and mathematics education, has drafted a proposal for a series of country profiles in selected FAWE countries on science education and gender.
Paper presented at the FAWE Executive Committee Meeting.
The Forum for Women Educationalists in Namibia (FAWENA) is a chapter of FAWE, a continental body aiming to reduce gender disparities in education.
This initiative is a follow up to the ADEA/FAWEs recently executed Most Significant Change Stories competition, in line with ADEAs contribution to facilitating the transformation of education and training to drive Africas accelerated and sustainable development, and FAWEs mission of promoting gender equity and equality in education in Africa.
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